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More France/Belgium/Holland, 1944

Another French family - back in the woods when we tried to wash our clothes in a cold, hard water brook. They were so glad to see us - the old woman cried and kept giving us cider and vin. The girl is about 18 and all of them were so excited about the picture - They combed the boy's hair and wanted to even change his clothes for the picture. I of course thought of something funny or something and broke out just as Herb snapped the picture.
The Red Cross girl, Joyce, took our film for developing and danced with us. Probably in Belgium in Sept or early Oct, 1944.
Nelan (left) and Swiryn. Bob took this in Brussels, Belgium on a pass. We all got diarrhea from eating "ices" - shaved ice with syrup. We should have known better.
This is the French family whom we visited so much upon our arrival in Normandy. Herb took the picture. The girl is Julliet and is 15. No electricity or running water & no motorized vehicles.

The Bochers (Germans) took their food & cattle (3 cows). The girl sang the Marsiellias (sp) (the French national anthem) by candlelight.

Something we will never forget. Hope to get a print to them.

This is the French family Hersh mentions in his diary and letters. Hersh took the picture. Sept, 1944.