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Camp Carson, Colorado, 5 June 1944
  • 1st Army under Gen. Courtney Hodges
  • 104th Infantry - Timberwolf Division under Maj. Gen. Terry Allen
  • 414th Infantry Battalion under Col. Anthony J. Touart
  • 1st Battalion under Lt. Col. Robert R. Clark, II
  • Company C under Captain Bernard E. Barker
  • Platoon Commander: Lt. Doyle
POW at Stalag IV-B in Muhlberg, Germany - Nov 26, 1944 to Apr 23, 1945

Here are some Web sites that contain pictures and info on Stalag IV-B:
(If you can locate Hersh in any of the photos, let us know!)

Many thanks to Bob Hall and Norm Brust for their helpful comments, stories, photos, and especially friendship to their buddy.
Special thanks to Laurie for her time, energy and devotion.